Florida Zika Notice!

The Florida Department of Health has identified that Zika is being spread by mosquitoes in Wynwood, Miami. If you live in or traveled to this area after June 15, please read the following guidance:

Pregnant women and their partners should not travel to this area. If you live in the area, follow steps to prevent mosquito bites. Use condoms to prevent infections when you have a pregnant sex partner. During prenatal care visits, pregnant women should be assessed for Zika virus exposure. It is recommended to be tested in the first and second trimester if you live in or travel to this area.

For couples in the area thinking about getting pregnant, it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider. You should wait 8 weeks before trying to get pregnant if you traveled to the area. Women should wait 8 weeks and men should wait 6 months after showing symptoms before trying to get pregnant.

For more information, visit the CDC's advice for travelers to Florida here: