What to Expect During Each Trimester of Pregnancy – First Trimester

Here we are presenting a journey through pregnancy, based on some of Dr. Wilkes' personal and professional experience. In this series of letters to guide you through each trimester, she provides personal insights into things you may experience and steps you should take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. In this first letter from Dr. Wilkes, she discusses pregnancy testing, early side effects, and how to celebrate and enjoy this experience.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience that should be celebrated and enjoyed! There is nothing more remarkable then to think about all the amazing changes that are happening to your baby daily!

Finding out you are pregnant is an exhilarating time and absolutely life-changing.  When the time comes to confirm your pregnancy, there are many choices with pregnancy tests. Some require longer wait times in order for specific hormone levels to register properly. For example, during my pregnancy I waited one week after my cycle was late. If you have taken a pregnancy test and it shows a positive result it does not necessarily mean that it is correct.  Set an appointment for a second test and ultrasound 7 weeks after your last menstrual period or 2 weeks after your positive urine pregnancy test to confirm with a doctor that you are indeed pregnant.

Regardless of all the planning and trying, conception can sometimes be a stressful yet rewarding experience. The first trimester alone brings changes in your mind and body that are nothing like you have ever experienced before.

In the first few months you may experience nausea (morning sickness), light spotting and sore, tender breasts early on and throughout the first trimester just like I did.  Fatigue, discharge and heartburn are also some common symptoms of pregnancy that occur during the first trimester.

However, watching your body change and adapt is a pretty amazing experience and it should make all of you feel proud of your body and its abilities.

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