What to Expect During Each Trimester of Pregnancy – Second Trimester

Here we are presenting a journey through pregnancy, based on some of Dr. Wilkes' personal and professional experience. In this series of letters to guide you through each trimester, she provides personal insights into things you may experience and steps you should take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. In this second letter from Dr. Wilkes, she discusses some of the fun things she did during this second trimester, as well as what changes to expect in your body and some items you may want to start purchasing to prepare for their arrival!

Now you are in your second trimester, where you’ll experience new changes happening super fast as your baby is growing quickly! The morning sickness and fatigue should be going away so you will soon start feeling more energetic. For some women the second trimester is the easiest three months of pregnancy.

The further along in your pregnancy you get, you start to notice that even making routine things like getting out of bed and bending over to put on your shoes may seem like a lot of work. Changes are happening all over our bodies and you’ll notice this in the way your clothes fit.

Besides just our body changing, our sleep position may change as well. Laying on your back or stomach may become uncomfortable. So, a comfortable sleeping position is to sleep on your side and use pillows for support.

Despite all the changes and new hassles you are experiencing, this is a super exciting time because your pregnancy is starting to feel more real as you start to feel more movements from your baby! I have begun to talk to Rachel more, yes, I am having a girl, and she talks back to me with different movements. Within the next 14 weeks our babies will grow from the size of a walnut to the size of a sack of grapes. The organs are beginning to be developed to form the perfect little bundle of joy.

At this point, one of the most exciting things can take place, you can find out the gender of your baby so you can start preparing for their arrival! Start getting geared up on things like a crib, diapers, and a car seat so you’re ready to take your little one home when its time. Also, start setting up your home for your baby and planning where he or she will sleep. This means it’s time to start shopping. Remember to buy essentials, and not just cute outfits! I already have 20 different outfits for my baby girl but have no essentials! Keep in mind those cute outfits will be peed, pooped and spit up on so they may not necessarily last long.

Enjoy the second trimester by taking lots of pictures and showing off your beautiful pregnancy bump as in this trimester many wonderful things happen to our bodies.

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